Coming Soon: Capital Letters ft. JB – Judgement Day

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Capital Letters ft. JB - Judgement Day

Capital Letters ft. JB – Judgement Day | NEW ALBUM

The new album ‘Judgement Day’, sees a slight departure from their previous releases as the band is now billed as featuring original founding member JB whose face also graces the album cover. Although not unique to reggae, a common occurrence is a group splitting into two separate camps both adopting the original band name. To avoid any confusion, they’ve decided to rebrand by adding JB’s name to their future releases.

This is basically the same band as on previous full-length releases ‘Wolverhampton’ and ‘Wolverhampton in Dub’ and a continuation of Capital Letter’s long history of recording and performing as one of the most popular British reggae bands; the name has been tweaked, but the music and vibes remain unchanged.

‘Judgement Day’ features 13 tracks with the usual mix of strong roots including ‘Follow Rastafari’, ‘Talking’, ‘The Roots’ and ‘Judgement Day’ which is an entirely different mix to the previously released 12inch. The album has social commentary with ‘House Breaker’ and ‘Parents’ and even touches on more romantic themes with ‘Your Heart and Mind’ and ‘Cinderella’. The tracks have been recorded in Birmingham, UK and mixed by labelmate Compendulum.

Release on Limited Edition Vinyl, CD and Digital Download 10th August 2018 via Sugar Shack Records


LP Track listing

Side A
1. Follow Rastafari
2. Judgement Day (Album Version)
3. Talking
4. The Roots

Side B

1. House Breaker
2. Old Corner Stone
3. Too Much War
4. Parents

CD/WEB Track Listing

1. Follow Rastafari
2. Judgement Day
3. Talking
4. House Breaker
5. Old Corner Stone
6. The Roots
7. Too Much War
8. Parents
9. Mother Africa
10. Dem Affi Pray
11. Miss Urseylou
12. Your Heart and Mind
13. Cinderella

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