New Black Roots single – “Take It”

by Aug 2, 2018News

Black Roots - Take It

New Black Roots single  “Take It”.

Black Roots’ new single signals the start of a journey that will culminate with the release of a new album on 2nd November 2018 called “Take It”.

“Take It, sums up the world’s concept, putting money before life, not of Jah Jah, the almighty God, Rastafari,” says the band about this song.

With its cascading piano intro, “Take It” reprimands those who prey on the weak selling drugs on street corners, likening them to stockbrokers gambling with their lives for money ‘destroying and polluting the weak’. It accuses the rich of putting the poor in chains playing games with their lives, influencing and inveigling them into ways that bind them into poverty. Often, they end up homeless with no roof over their heads struggling to make ends meet or using drugs to forget the poverty that they find themselves in.

It is a spiral of despair and a cycle that it is difficult to break out of once you are bound into it, so it heeds not to be influenced or drawn into these ways. The song pleads “Poor people unite, it’s the strength whether you’re Black or White, stand up and fight, together one voice can break the chains of brutality”.

This positive message is simply put across in the video that supports this release. You see the despair that the youth finds himself in, high on drugs and alcohol begging passers-by for money so that he can get his next fix. Most brush him aside and look down on him, so typical of the lack of compassion for your fellow human that increasingly characterizes the world today.

The message is clear next time you see someone down on their luck do not just walk past them and leave them in the gutter. Pick them up, help them by at least taking them to a place where they can get the assistance that they need.

This new song is yet another example of how important it is for the band to sing about and describe the hardships and tribulations that they witness in their community. But always with a sense of hope that things will improve. That truth and justice will prevail.

With this new song “Take It”, Black Roots signals the start of a journey that will culminate with the release of a new album on 2nd November 2018 called “Take It”. It is the first of 3 digital only single releases that will showcase the album before it comes out this autumn on Vinyl, CD and Digital Download.