NEW: Prince Jazzbo – Natty Passing Thru’

by Sep 27, 2018News

Prince Jazzbo - Natty Passing Thru'

Prince Jazzbo – Natty Passing Thru’ | REISSUE

Digital (deluxe) reissue of Prince Jazzbo’s 1976 album ‘Natty Passing Thru’. The album was also issued under the name ‘Ital Corner’ with different tracklisting. Lee Perry produced this album, backing by his loyal Upsetters. This deluxe edition features no less than six bonus tracks. See tracklist for more info!

1. Dreadlocks Corner
2. Story Come to Bump
3. Natty Pass Thru Rome
4. Hold My Hand
5. Prophet Live
6. Ital Corner
7. Blood Dunza
8. Weeping and Wailing
9. Live Good Today
10. Life is Gonna Easy
11. Croaking Lizard
12. Natty Past Thru Rome (7″ Single Version)
13. Natty Past Thru Rockstone Dub (7″ Single Version)
14. Ital Corner Single (7″ Single)
15. Straight to I Roy’s Head
16. Straight to I Roy’s Head Version