Open Arms Project – Reggae Can Help

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Open Arms Project - Reggae Can Help
Open Arms Project - Reggae Can Help back sleeve

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For the thousands of men, women and children who brave the sea often to escape war, always in search of a better life, the difference between death and survival is sometimes only a rescue boat from charities like Proactiva Open Arms. Forced exodus, the struggle for each person to live in dignity, and the fight against oppression are all cornerstones of Reggae philosophy. This new project aims to support the volunteers of Proactiva Open Arms to continue saving lives.

Ras Kuko

The album “Open Arms Project – Reggae Can Help” is the work of the veteran musician Ras Kuko from Madrid, Spain. He was moved by the work of this NGO, and decided to join forces with artists from different parts of the world to create this record. In addition to giving more visibility to the outstanding work that Open Arms makes with its rescue ships, the album will also be used to raise funds that will directly contribute to the mission of this organisation.

Artists All Over The World

We are fighting against a global problem affecting many people from various countries, for this reasons. “Open Arms Project – Reggae Can Help” was realized in collaboration with artists from all over the world who wanted to use their music altruistically to support this project. Artists include Warrior King, Skarra Mucci, Sumerr and Ras Takura, from Jamaica; Ras Kuko, Emeterians, Lasai & Yeyo Pérez and Little Pepe & Malaka Youth from Spain.  Ras Tewelde and Raphael from Italy and Quino from the USA, plus the voice of the historic Big Mountain band from Chile Quique Neira. From Venezuela Apache & Mr Dalis, and Idren Artstrong from the Philippines. United with the firm aim of creating a world ‘more supportive of all’.

Two riddims

All these artists have written their own versions on the two riddims produced by Ras Kuko for this record. Ocean Riddim and Open Arms Riddim were created in collaboration with several musicians including Tomas “Dub T” (Czech Republic), Moussa Thiandoume (Senegal) and Jonay Mesa and Felipe Hernández (Canary Islands). The voices were mixed at the Estudio 9  in Tenerife.  Syrix got busy of the mixing and mastering at the Irie Vibrations Studio (Austria).

Digital Platforms

“Open Arms Project – Reggae Can Help” is available on all digital platforms. All proceeds from this project will be donated to Proactiva Open Arms.