Reissue: Max Romeo – Revelation Time

by Sep 30, 2018News

Max Romeo - Revelation Time
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Max Romeo – Revelation Time | REISSUE

The 1975 album explored religious and social problems-oriented themes, and is regarded as one of Romeo’s best album, along with ‘War ina Babylon’. The album was produced by Geoffrey Chung. Initially, it was available only in Jamaica, where it was re-released in 1977 as ‘Warning Warning!’ with re-arranged track listing. The album saw its international release in 1978 as ‘Open the Iron Gate’, again with altered running order.
This digital reissue adds 9 tracks.

1. Revelation Time
2. No Peace
3. Tacko
4. Blood of the Prophet
5. Blood of the Prophet, Pt. 2
6. Warning, Warning
7. A Quarter Pound of I’cense
8. Three Blind Mice
9. Three Times Three
10. Open the Iron Gate
11. Open the Iron Gate, Pt. 2
12. Break the Hold (Ja 12″)
13. Melt Away (Ja 12″)
14. If Them Ever (Ja 7″)
15. If Them Ever (Version) (Ja 7″)
16. Stop Picking on Me (Ja 7″)
17. Stop Picking on Me (Version) (Ja 7″)
18. Copie Duppy (Ja 7″)
19. Copie Duppy (Version) (Ja 7″)