Brand new Spectacular release

by Oct 9, 2018News

Spectacular - Speed It Up

Brand new Spectacular release for Conquering Records.

“Speed It Up” is the second collaboration between powerful Jamaican singjay Spectacular and the French Conquering Records.

“Speed It Up” is the second collaboration between powerful Jamaican singjay Spectacular and the French label created by the Conquering Sound selector’s duo Green Ben & Ju Lion.

After the “Jah Rise” tune on the “My Enemies Riddim”, the team goes into a more digital style, terribly energetic and specially made for sound systems. The single is available on 12″ vinyl with a dub done by Jo Welders and two remixes created by two of the biggest representants of the new dub generation in France: Mahom and Ashkabad.

Money, a taboo topic? Not for Spectacular. As a ghetto youth, he knows what hard-working means. All work deserves to be rewarded and he sings it loud and clear whilst laughing at his fellow citizens who imagine he’s making so much money while touring in Europe. Spectacular delivers his lyrics with this wild and rough tone on a UK digital reggae instrumental with heavy bass and dark mood composed by Green Ben.

Conquering Records decided to work on this project with a 100% team coming from Avignon, a city in south of France where the label is based. The dub version is done by Jo Welders from Welders Hi Fi Sound System, one of the most prolific in France these last few years. As a real sound engineer, Jo created a dub in the traditional way, mixing it live to get a spontaneous and realistic vibe. A few voice snippets with the traditional reverb and other dub effects while staying sober for the MCs to be able to ride the version in session.

The B Side revisits Spectacular’s performance. Two other crews from Avignon dealt with remixes of “Speed It Up” to create diametrically opposed versions compared with the original one. Mahom took over a progressive recast by preferring to develop a sweet melody totally different from the warrior electro style they use to perform. This brings a thrilling contrast with Spectacular’s throaty voice and a true surprise to all Mahom’s fans that have had the opportunity to see them in some prestigious festivals across Europe (Dour Festival, Rototom Sunsplash, Reggae Sun Ska, No Logo…).

Ashkabad delivers a very excited remix, on the brink of jungle music. A vitamized sound with multiple influences paced with Major Lazer references that will make everybody jump in sound system sessions.

After the success of the “My Enemies Riddim”, which was repressed only five months after its first release in 2017, Conquering Records strikes again with a powerful and varied project that shows the versatility of the label and its passion for the broader reggae gender!