Nattali Rize releases empowering new Music Video

by Jan 18, 2019News, Video

Nattali Rize - Evolutionary

Nattali Rize releases empowering new Music Video.

The thought provoking video for “Evolutionary”, a standout track from her debut album “Rebel Frequency”, was shot in the dynamic city of Kingston, Jamaica. The song is done in collaboration with Jah9 and Dre Island.


Working across multiple continents, Nattali Rize continues her mission to empower and inspire collective freedom through her new music video “Evolutionary”. In a male driven genre, two strong female reggae artists shine to paint a picture of a bright future for women in 2019. The thought provoking video was shot in the dynamic city of Kingston, Jamaica. A standout track from Nattali’s debut album “Rebel Frequency”, “Evolutionary” features wise and intuitive words from Jah9 and the rebellious intellect of Dre Island on a tuff riddim from UK heavyweight producer Lotek. An international all-star Rebel line up have teamed up for this one!

Dre Island & Jah9

Reflecting on the song, Nattali Rize says, “Revolution is the evolution of our consciousness and mind, meaning the more we know and love ourselves, the more we are able to know and love another. We start to understand that our daily words, thoughts, feelings and actions are our powers to create a future we want to see, to free our own minds from the overarching slave systems of society thereby elevating a portion of human consciousness and showing others that everything is possible. Dre Island and Jah9 were a joy to collaborate with and are real Evolutionary artists, along with this undeniably tuff riddim from the super talented Lotek, the energy infused in this audio visual expression is potent and necessary for sharing our side of the common story of life on earth in this evolving time.”

Rebel Frequency

Following an extended creative stay in Kingston in 2014, Nattali now lives where the music takes her. Modern technology and a tireless world travel schedule have broken down artistic barriers, allowing her 2017 “Rebel Frequency” album to be put together between the cultural hubs of Kingston, Jamaica, and Australia. The term ‘social change’ is not quite enough for Nattali, her thinking is more along the lines of “full systemic overhaul!” with “Rebel Frequency” Nattali declares “We’re here to deliver a different frequency to what is being transmitted by the current world system and culture of consumerism and mental slavery. Our words, melodies, rhythms, and intentions are to empower and inspire full freedom – that frequency is a rebel in this paradigm.”

Strong Impression

The songs on “Rebel Frequency” speak powerful volumes, urging the listener’s attention to tune in. According to Nattali, the album symbolizes “the current evolution of the frequencies we are forming and amplifying as musician, artist, and human. It’s about continuing to expand and extend our musical inspiration and connection to our global family.” Already building a strong impression with established artists and events, Nattali Rize’s message is not only about building up your own mental and spiritual freedom, but standing up and resisting the oppression of others.