Top Ranking DJ Session Volume 1

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Top Ranking DJ Session Volume 1


“Top Ranking DJ Session Volume 1” is a long out of print DJ Roots compilation from 1979, originally released in Jamaica on the Joe Gibbs Record Globe label. Featured are tunes by the cream of Jamaica’s deejays of the 1970s; Big Youth, U Roy, Trinity, I Roy, Shorty The President and Lizzy. These artists deliver their goods over mostly well known classic riddims such as “Joy In The Morning”, “Equal Rights”, “Dub Organizer” and “Heavy Rock”. A UK repress of the 10-track LP is now out on the streets.


Side 1:

1. Trinity – Top Ranking
2. I-Roy – Trust No Shadow After Dark
3. Trinity – Commercial Business
4. Big Youth – George Foreman
5. U-Roy – Freedom Train

Side 2:

1. Big Youth – Equal Rights
2. Big Youth – Big Fast Car
3. Shorty The President – Natty Pass His GCE
4. Lizzy – Aquarius
5. Lizzy – Wear You To The Ball

  • Trinity – Top Ranking

  • Big Youth – George Foreman
BIG YOUTH - Foreman vs Frazier [1973]

  • U-Roy – Freedom Train
U Roy Freedom Train

  • Lizzy – Aquarius