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Organic Roots Volume 1

by | Feb 8, 2019 | News

Organic Roots Volume 1

NEW | Organic Roots Volume 1

Roots Inspiration Sound, a reggae Sound System\Studio based in Bristol, UK released Organic Roots Volume 1. Heavy roots from Bristol. Recorded between 2012 – 2018. Wicked set!

Street date DR February 8, 2019.


Mikey General – Wire Fence
Danny Red – Played By The Game
El Indio – Changes
Mikey General – Teach The Children
I David – Mystic Collie Version
Lewe Ire – Praises to Jah
Matic Horns – Moonlight Version
Peter Culture – Promise is a Comfort
Lewe Ire – Longtime
Fellowdread – Love mi Mind
Earl 16 – Red
King General – Trodding Jah Road
Ilodica – The Fullness
Tena Stelin – Stand Your Ground
Dougie Conscious – Wire Horns Dub

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