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Vinyl reissue: Early B – Four Wheel No Real

by | Feb 5, 2019 | News

Early B - Four Wheel No Real


Roots fans rejoice, the limited edition vinyl reissue of Early B’s great and hard to find second album for Nkrumah Thomas’ Midnight Rock label is coming. ‘Doctor’ Early B first made an impact on Sound Systems at the same time as Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin, but had to wait until 1984 before debuting with the Jah Thomas produced album “Sunday Dish”. It was followed by the 1985 released LP “Four Wheel No Real”, again produced by Jah Thomas with riddims laid by the Roots Radics. This is a dancehall classic that is in demand with collectors. Due for release on February 8, 2019.


Side One:

1. Cane Man A Feh Bathe
2. Kill Me With Talking
3. Just Love & Unity
4. New York Party

Side Two:

1. Call The Doctor For Me
2. Four Wheel No Real
3. Computer Take Over
4. Poor Class Want Mass

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