Jamaican reggae star Anthony B to release his first book

by Mar 20, 2019News

Jamaican reggae star Anthony B to release his first book

The Original Fireman, Anthony B (Keith Blair) will be premiering his authorial debut “Secrets to A Man’s Heart” on April 12, 2019, when  the e-novel will be released for Kindle & the paperback will be available on Amazon.

Anthony B describes his work as a self-help book focusing on love relationships. The book stems from his true desire to share the secrets with the sistren of the world so that they can better understand the male psyche. Anthony B has toured the world for the past few decades, and now adds ‘Author’ to his title.

Author Anthony B says… “This should be the #1 thing on all the ladies’ study list. The secret to a man’s heart: when a woman gets dressed and gets herself together she puts in a lot of work and effort to keep her standards high to make sure to keep her man’s full attention on her. A woman loves when the man she loves tells her how much he loves and appreciates her, so my advice to my woman is, let me teach you the ways to truly win a man’s heart.”

On that same date, Anthony B’s much anticipated new album, “King Of My Castle”, will also be released.

Book & new album : Out on April 12, 2019.