Marcus Gad meets Tamal – Enter A Space EP

by Mar 1, 2019News

Marcus Gad

1 Enter A space
2 River
3 Live Up To The Day
4 I Want To Know
5 Inna Nature feat. Losso Keita
6 Prayers


Two years after his album “Chanting”, MARCUS GAD is back with a new 6 track EP, the fruit of a successful collaboration with Parisian beatmaker TAMAL who’s working with him since the beginning.

“Enter A Space” is well named: enter a universe full of textured organic and aquatic sounds. This project’s base is roots but there are some hip-hop and soul influences on the “River”, whose wonderful videoclip has been shot in the Indian holy city of Varanasi. “Live Up To The Day” features some Mandingoes blues notes with the N’Goni sound, while “Inna Nature” brings African sonorities from a high-level collaboration with the Burkinabe’s griot Losso Keita.

The magic of this EP comes from the fusional featuring between MARCUS GAD and TAMAL who created a unique symbiose with music and lyrics inspired by the Indian philosophy of Advaita Vedenta. MARCUS GAD makes the listener think about reality of the human being and about incarnation. Are we just a body, just a spirit? Are we something deeper? | Out on March 1, 2019.