Rod Anton feat. The Congos – Sodade | New Video

by Apr 13, 2019News, Video

Rod Anton feat. The Congos - Sodade

NEW VIDEO  | Rod Anton feat. The Congos – Sodade

Recorded by Gabriel Bouillon / Mixed by Bongo Ben & Docta G at SoulNurse Records, Tours, France.
Video shot by Rod Anton & Alexandre Luiz Ferreira De Avila // Edited by François Baillaud.
Distributed by Surforeggae SSB (South America) & Flower Coast (Rest of the world).

This song, written in the 50s by Armando Zeferino Soares and popularized first by the angolan singer Bonga in the ’70s and later Cesaria Evora, the barefoot Diva, in the early ’90s speaks about the separation of two friends.

One stayed in Cape Verde (São Nicolau in the song, one of Cape Verde’s Islands) and the other one moved to São Tomé & Principe.

São Tomé, just like Cape Verde, is a former Portuguese colony. It’s a group of islands located in front of Gabon. until the early 70s, many Cape Verdeans exiled to São Tomé to run away from the political and economical oppression of their country. Exodus was sometimes voluntary, some others forced. This song echoes slavery days and is a real anthem for all those driven to exile, far away from their home, far away from their families and friends.