Sophomore Jemere Morgan album: Self-Confidence

by Apr 29, 2019News

Jemere Morgan - Self-Confidence

1. Troddin feat. Stu Stapleton
2. Good Time
3. Music Lesson
4. We’re Gonna Be Alright feat. Satori & Morgan Heritage
5. Mind Your Business feat. King Koahl
6. Favorite Song
7. Blank Page
8. Cool & Bad feat. Sheldon Palmer
9. Convo With G (Interlude)
10. Self Confidence feat. Sheldon Palmer
11. Can’t Leave You Alone
12. Be Mine
13. Proud
14. Follow Your Dreams
15. Victory Dance

Jemere Morgan

Sophomore Jemere Morgan album: Self-Confidence

Already boasting many impressive achievement for a young artist of his age, heir to the throne, the first to fill the 3rd generation of the legendary Royal family of reggae Morgan Heritage, son of Gramps Morgan, Jemere Morgan has announced the May 17th, 2019 release of his sophomore album.

On the heels of transitioning from a teenager to a man, The GRAMMY award-winning artist has continued his life and musical journey by arming himself with SELF-CONFIDENCE. The latter being the title of his new offering. ” The “Transition” album was me going through the change of being told what to do as a kid and now this phase of my life is me applying all that i learned from mommy and daddy and life experiences and lessons. Mi ready now! LOL” – Jemere Morgan

A true art of work produced by Gennaro Schiano (renowned engineer/producer from Stephen Marley’s Lions Den Studio & Circle House), Roy “Gramps” Morgan and Jemere himself, the album hosts a roster of notable musicians such as multi-award winning saxophonist Sheldon Palmer. “Self-Confidence” showcases the growth of Jemere with fifteen tracks running the gamut of life’s topics. From social commentary, to feel good music, inspirational tracks and love compositions.

The young artist explained the anthology of “Self-Confidence”: “I feel that too many young people in my generation and even older than me in today’s time are so confused in what to do with their life because of the lack of confidence in one self. We get so caught up in trying to be like others, thinking they’re better than you because of their talent,how much money somebody has or how many followers and likes you have on social media. You find a different power when you tap into your own thoughts and focus on YOU, and that’s what happened with my album “Self Confidence”. I began to believe more in my abilities with music while still making mistakes and adjusting the places in my life that needed to be fixed to become the best version of myself. So now i definitely feel that i am a living testimony of a person that overcame fear and doubts just from having a little more confidence and now it’s time to share this message with the world.”

The album’s lead single/video “Troddin” feat. Stu Stapleton, released earlier this year, was very well received and got rave reviews. “I think when people listen to “Self Confidence” album they’re going to feel happy & positive because that’s how i felt when i was recording. You can feel an artist’s energy when you listen to his or her music, So the way you feel when your listening to a record is most likely the way the artist was feeling. Ya get me!?” – Jemere Morgan.

Out on all digital download & streaming platforms: May 17, 2019