Courtney John – Far Away | New Single

by Jun 27, 2019News

Courtney John - Far Away


Blessed with a gift for creating music that speaks to the human condition, Courtney John sings about love, about life, about relationships and about good times; and of course, the women love his music, especially his trademark falsetto which resonates romance, transcending social and cultural boundaries. Courtney John’s songwriting and production capabilities are well respected among his peers.

The single “Far Away” is the commanding opening from Courtney John’s sixth studio album coming soon. Having built a loyal fan base that has established him as one of the musical heavyweights from his genre, this track doesn’t disappoint. Produced by Kin Riddimz, “Far Away” will reinforce Courtney John’s importance in music and the raw emotions that his music delivers.

Available for download and streaming on all major platforms..