Jamaican Jazz Orchestra – Morning Girl | New Single

by Jun 28, 2019News

Jamaican Jazz Orchestra - Morning Girl


Being the sole vocal track on Jamaican Jazz Orchestra’s forthcoming album “Rain Walk”, the song “Morning Girl” is released as second single, following the earlier released track “Happy Earthquake”. Featuring Belgian/Brasilian Helena Casella as young and talented female singer, the song outshines in lightness, innocence and goodness. Together with the slight urban vocal touch the song steps out of the reggae comfort zone and has a strong poppy feel. Lyrics are from the hand of Helena’s uncle Pablo Casella (Sarah Ferri, Little Dots) and talk about a young woman’s emerging awareness on living a life free from expectations and conventions. For this track, just as the entire album, Jamaican Jazz Orchestra worked with producer Tom Callens (Lady Linn, Tiny Legs Tim, Lester’s Blues, South of the Border,…). Recordings were done entirely analog on tape in order to create that typical vintage sound and feel.

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