Joseph Cotton – Cotton Gold | New Album

by Jun 20, 2019News

Joseph Cotton - Cotton Gold

1. General
2. Lolo
3. Jamaica Cool Runnings
4. France A We Groung
5. Dem Bruk
6. Fly Cotton
7. Girls Anthem
8. Still Cotton feat. K’Njah
9. Kind Lips
10. Leave Woman People feat. SNK
11. Jamaican A Paris
12. Portmore
13. For Your Eyes Only
14. Rich
15. Hardcord Lovin feat. Steph Pocket
16. Born Delighted


Joseph Cotton is one of the most popular Jamaican deejays of the French public. His noteworthy collaborations with Biga Ranx, Manudigital or Atili Bandalero made him known in the country of Raggasonic and Nuttea, but it is in Jamaica that the artist has made a name for himself alongside legendary producers Joe Gibbs or Harry Muddie under the pseudonym Jah Walton. Author of nearly twenty albums since his debut in the mid-1970s, Joseph Cotton returns with a new 100% dancehall album produced by the Parisian label Dig Studio Music. The album is titled “Cotton Gold”.

The album features tracks that range from conscious messages (the anti-gun “Jamaica Cool Runnings”) to the more raw words ( “Lolo”, a French nickname for women’s breasts), from entertainment (Portmore) to darker reality tunes (“Dem Bruk”), lover style (“For Your Eyes Only”) to a very rude-boy attitude (“Girls Anthem”). Powerful collaborations with K’Njah and Steph Pocket respectively are “Still Cotton” and “Hardcore Lovin”. Aged over 60, Joseph Cotton proves that he knows how to express himself on modern riddims with a sharp voice and a precise flow.