Lila Iké – Where I’m Coming From | New Single

by Jun 14, 2019News

Lila Iké - Where I'm Coming From

Lila Iké – Where I’m Coming From | New Single

Hailing from the rural parish of Manchester, Jamaica, Lila Iké lets you know her starting point is a humble beginning on her latest single “Where I’m Coming From” (out today via In.Digg.Nation Collective/Easy Star Records). Her formal declaration of gratitude—like many self-aware reggae artists—graces her journey beyond her homeland that will take her to new heights. The song is a benediction to her promising music career. Her voice is full of hope and conviction declaring her strength to welcome any challenge. “Won’t be an easy road, but anytime mi overcome the pressure yeah it free mi soul,” emotes Lila.

Being next up on Protoje’s In.Digg.Nation Collective, Lila Iké rumbles with a fighter’s ferocity. The rugged trap-inspired production by Kasadie “Caspa” Jones is a natural backdrop for her to flow effortlessly between rapping her verses and singing harmonious high octaves. She leaves listeners curious to know, “Who’s that girl?” as she has accomplished on her most recent R&B-tinged single “Second Chance” and her latest power collaboration with Protoje and dancehall veteran Agent Sasco (Assassin) on “Not Another Word.”

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