Micah Shemaiah – Rainbow Station | New Video

by Aug 11, 2019News

Micah Shemaiah - Rainbow Station
Micah Shemaiah – Rainbow Station

From “The forgotten scrolls volume 1”, first out of a series of 3 12 inch vinyl records. The 12 inch (long) version is also available on all major download and – streaming platforms.

Video directed by Sherkhan/Raatid Magic Films

Vocals: Micah Shemaiah
Backings: Dalton Browne, Micah Shemaiah
Drums: Kirk “Kirkledove” Bennett
Bass: Jason Arthur Welsh
Guitar: Garth “Duckie” Forester, Mario “Djeynah Delbety” Delbe
Keys: Andrew “Stringy” Marsh
Percussion: Hector “Roots Percussionist” Lewis
Trombone: Hornsman Coyote
Trumpet: Cédric “Tribuman” Munsch
Sax: Romain Pivard