4 New Reggae Books From Muzik Tree

by Sep 6, 2019News, Shop


During the past four months the unstoppable reggae fan and writer Ray Hurford has put out one new reggae book a month and he’s determined to continue this publishing schedule. After, due to circumstances, being forced to shut down his business, Ray has returned in the publishing arena and this is really good news for collectors of the man’s publications and, in general, all those who are interested in reggae writings.

The 4 books (all available from Amazon) include two new issues in the More Axe series; More Axe 5 & More Axe 10. The former focuses on the UK reggae scene and contains vintage interviews with Gussie P/Chris Lane of Fashion, Trevor Hartley, Misty In Roots, Winston Reedy, Trevor Bow, Lion Youth, The Blackstones, Sweetie Irie, and Keith Douglas, while the latter features some of the greatest artists from the late sixties including Andy Capp – Artist/Engineer/Producer, U Roy – Deejay/Producer, The Wailers – One of the greatest ever reggae bands! And to make sense of the era there’s an overview ‘Reggae – 68-71’ starting in 1968 and going to 1971.

Furthermore there are two new books in the Small Axe Album Guide series; Vols 1 & 2 of the Small Axe Album Guide To Ragga. The diversity of artists featured in these two books is tremendous. In here you will find reviews of album from King Kong, Nitty Gritty, Leroy Gibbons, Little Kirk and so many more. They for most people represent this era well. They made their names in this era – and was more than at home singing over rough digital or ragga rhtyhms. When reggae music went digital everything changed!!!