New in our Shop section: The Small Axe People

by Oct 9, 2019News


The Small Axe People have been added to our Shops section, which now enables fans of music from the early reggae phase, the period that followed up the rocksteady era, to purchase almost every Small Axe People cd that has been released since the debut set “Original Version” hit the streets in 2001.

One of the developments which separated early reggae from rocksteady was the “bubble” organ pattern, a percussive style of playing that showcased the eighth-note subdivision within the groove. The guitar “skanks” on the second and fourth beat of the bar began to be replaced by a strumming pattern similar to mento and also the so-called double chop was developed during this time. More emphasis was put on the groove of the music, and there was the concept of the “Version”, which actually started with Andy Capp’s “Pop A Top”. Eventually the, often experimental, sounds of early reggae gave way to the more refined sound made popular by Bob Marley’s most famous recording

Of course, on the Small Axe People page you’ll find the brand new Small Axe People CD “A Touch Of Version” along with a good selection of the older albums. And you can listen to them all – inna Megamix style!!!