Govana – Ring My Line | New Single

by Nov 11, 2019News

Govana - Ring My Line


A name change and a change in his style of music has truly shot Deablo, which means “devil” in Spanish, to stardom. Five years ago who could imagine Deablo, now better known as Govana, would become a favorite of the girls? Heavy gun lyrics were the order of the day then. It’s obvious the artist really got a good team together, successfully switched his style and flow and has stuck to the plan.

“Ring My Line” is the title of Govana’s brand new song. This brand new song of the hot Jamaican dancehall sensation is an instant hit for the ladies, and that is meant in every sense of the word. The beat itself is flirtatious, using amplified synths almost symbolic of water splashes to fill the caps and further boast Govana’s lyrics. The accompanying lyric video provides a pretty simple concept; it is direct and oozes a robust and seductive undertone and of course, provides the lyrics to the song.