Kaisha Lee – Haile | New Single

by Dec 5, 2019News

Kaisha Lee - Haile


Kaisha Lee (also known as Kaysha) grew up mostly in Toronto, Canada hearing her dad sing tunes from his native Jamaica. Her first year of school was at Priory Prep in Kingston, Jamaica but her stay on her blood island was short lived; a year later moving back to Toronto. She gravitated to playing the piano when she was barely six years old. Later, during her teen years, she strengthened and nurtured her voice as a member of several gospel choirs and a classical chorale.

Kaisha is not only an accomplished singer and piano player, but she also writes her own songs. Her music runs the gamut from soul to reggae, from jazz to dancehall. Incorporating a fusion of slow- to up-tempo reggae and soul-influenced R&B, her songs lift you up through life’s downs with messages of love, hope and inspiration.