Christos DC releases “Self Evident” album

by Jan 27, 2020News



American musician and producer Christos DC has released his spectacular fifth studio album titled “Self Evident.” Two years in the making, the album was released on January 20th.

“This album was less about a particular theme than it was a means of introspection for me,” the artist explained, “the songs are quite philosophical in nature but not so direct in the language. I want people to listen to the lyrics carefully to interpret the meaning.”

The 10 track album, as described by the artist, is a poetic collection of songs that create a broader meaning for the topics presented. He added, “In creating a title for a body of work such as an album, I try to find a theme that ties everything together. Self Evident just seems to express this project appropriately. I also felt it important to tie the release with Martin Luther King Day.”

The album was produced by his own Honest Music label, along with a team of creatives who helped make the project worthwhile. “I have a great team of people that I worked with, such as Darryl Burke (The Archives) and other veteran musicians such as Leslie James on drums and Pierre Stone on bass. Earl Michelin and Darryl have been playing keys, as well as Scott Shoem and Desi Hyson,” he explained. The album is also supported by musicians Brian Falkowski, Joe Brotherton and Paul Hamilton, and features a blend of artists from varying backgrounds and countries across the world such as deDUBros from Italy, Lee “Scratch” Perry from Jamaica and guitarist for Poland’s Maleo Reggae Rockers, Tomasz Wojcik. The first single “I Reserve The Right” features rising Brazilian star Dada Yute and The Skankin Monks from Amsterdam. In addition, the title song was featured on the “World-A-Reggae riddim.

Active on the music scene since the 1990s, the artist has been creating Reggae music for over 25 years, having been inspired by Bob Marley’s “Survival” album when he was 12 years old. Following this album, the artist has more in store, such as the track “Still Living Dub” which will be used in an upcoming project called Dread and Alive, produced by Nicholas Da Silva.