Marcus Gad – Rhythm Of Serenity | New Video

by Feb 26, 2020News, Video


The title track and third single released in anticipation of the full length album “Rhythm Of Serenity” by Marcus Gad feels like water, flowing around stones, shaping a new curve on an age old tradition. Rolling, heavy, roots-reggae. Glued by embedded bass, smooth octave guitar licks and a steady confident pulse. Hailing from one of the most remote places on earth, an island shining in the South Pacific Ocean, New Caledonian artist Marcus Gad reveals his innate talent here in an unquestionable performance. A poetic verse of self discovery, reflection, insight and tranquility, set to song.

In his musical approach there is something very organic the will to be linked to elements and create a specific atmosphere. The American producer Andrew “Moon” Bain from the Zion I Kings musicians and producers collective, who worked a lot with Midnite noticed it and contacted Marcus Gad some years ago to work with him. “A dream became true” was counting the young singer.

Collaboration was a remotely work as both living in the two extremities of the world, and make Marcus Gad works differently. His new partners sent him the sound, so he had to enter their universe with his personality and sensitivity. Compatibility is total and clear. This way of working based on the moment with a natural approach of music perfectly suited for the young singer who already has a solid experience.

The “Rhythm Of Serenity” album, coming this March 2020, is produced by Zion I Kings and will be released by Baco Records and Lustre Kings Productions.