First album from Positive Thursdays in DUB

by Mar 30, 2020News

Positive Thursdays In Dub - Landing On Planet Dub


“Landing On Planet Dub” is the first album from Positive Thursdays in DUB out of Poland. Work on this material lasted from July 2018 to April 2019.

Reggae pulsation, dub spaces, jazz flair, all these sounds inspired them and were the driving force to find a common language that all eight members of the band had to learn to use. The fruit of this meeting, as well as the various influences they all brought to the creation of this album, are found within the nine tracks of the album.

At are the instruments that tell the story of ‘landing on planet dub’. Without unnecessary words, without any compromises. Live drums, bass, keyboards, percussion, samples, an extensive brass section that consists of saxophones, trombone, trumpet and flugelhorn that perfectly fill the space created during live recordings. On this album, the band found the organic flow as they decided to play with music, composition and find their own sound.

Listening to this album is like listening to the soundtrack of a movie. However, in this case you’ll have to create your own picture and write your own course of the story. Out on April 4, 2020.