Pura Vida Productionz – The Quarantine Recordings 2020 | New Project

by Apr 15, 2020News

Pura Vida Productionz - The Quarantine Recordings 2020

“Music is our medicine in these times of social distance”, states Pura Vida’s founder Bregt ‘Puraman’ De Boever on their facebook page.

Wether he’s in quarantine or not, in The Last Ark Studio located in Maria Aalter the Belgian multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer creates new instrumentals, dubs, riddims and vocals every day, and throws them into the mix. One of his most recent projects in these dreadful times is the aptly titled “The Quarantine Recordings 2020”. So far these recordings consist of a very interesting selection of nine tracks, but as long as the lockdown lasts, new ones might be added.

Each and every song has its own merit, but during the first few listenings it are tracks like “Tribal Trance Formation”, a funky song with ethereal melodica, the meditative “Shankara” featuring female guest vocalist Synchroshakti, the grooving “Ancestor Spirit Dance” and the gorgeous “Heart Of The Last Ark” that caress the eardrums and leave the best impression. However, multiple listening sessions might also lead to the listener discovering more and other tracks being highlights.

It’s obvious… in The Last Ark Puraman keeps it burning…

(Note: Pura Vida’s new full length studio album titled “Praying For The Angels” will be delayed to June 12, 2020)