Sentinel Presents German Soundsystem History Archive

by Apr 22, 2020News

The whole world is currently on pause, and therefore also our little Dancehall universe. We don’t know when this might change, neither do we know when we’ll be able to go to dances again. One way to pass the time is to take a trip down memory lane.

For ages, soundsystem culture has been documented with the help of live-audios. In the beginning, these recordings were made mainly in Jamaica, New York and London, however, as the Dancehallscene went global, live-audios were also being recorded in the rest of the world.

For decades, Germany has been a hotspot for Dancehall culture in mainland Europe; hence, there exists a good amount of interesting live-audios of local soundsystems. Unfortunately, a lot of them were scattered across the internet, collected dust in the crates of collectors or were hidden on some selector’s hard drives.

With a lot of time on his hands due to the Corona situation and a passion for collecting, Daniel, with the help of Uli Nefzer and numerous other enthusiasts, started the “German Soundsystem History Archive”. Until now, the archive consists of hundreds of recordings of German soundsystems, from the 1980s until the 2000s, all easy to find on a single Mixcloud channel.

Through continuous updating, the ultimate goal is to represent a documentation of the German Dancehall History, that’s as complete as possible.

Since live-audios are the closest you can get to a soundsystem dance in real life, no matter how long the aforementioned pause might last, the “German Soundsystem History Archive” should be a good way for soundsystem enthusiasts to cope with the waiting time.

To all soundsystem fans out there: Enjoy digging and listening!