OBF – Signz | New Album

by May 29, 2020News


OBF outta France released the album Signz featuring heavyweight names like Tippa Irie, Nazamba, Aza Lineage, and Jah Mason.
Six years on from their debut set Wild, O.B.F. finally return with their new album, Signz. During this time the crew hasn’t been idle. Whether putting out 12” after 12”, touring or holding their legendary sound system sessions. The rhythm has been relentless, as the hardest working dub sound system in all France has been at the top of their game. Producing in their studio, organizing their own nights and burning up dance floors. Looking back over the past six years, no one can deny their status as a major player in the worldwide dub scene.

Intro (feat Nazamba)
Ina This Ya Time (feat Charlie P / Irah & Killa P)
Bun The Evil (feat Jah Mason)
I’m An African (feat Tippa Irie)
Party Ram (feat Sr Wilson)
Interlude 1 (feat Nazamba)
Rebell Daawtaz (feat Aza Lineage)
Bubble (feat Charlie P)
Your Love (feat Shanti D)
Asian Night
Interlude 2 (feat Nazamba)
Musica (feat Belen Natali & Sr. Wilson)
Driva (feat Biga Ranx & Sr Wilson – No GPS mix)
Water (feat Pupa Jim)
Interlude 3 (feat Nazamba)
Born Ina Fire (feat Joseph Lalibela)
Wagwan (feat Charlie P & Killa P)
Under Pressure (feat Biga Ranx – Barricades mix)
My Sound (feat Daddy Freddy & Junior Roy)
SG Dub (Bonus Track)