Akae Beka – Heartbeat Of A Dub | New Single

by Jun 20, 2020News

Akae Beka - Heart Of A Dub

Recorded while on tour in the fall of 2018, this beautifully deliberate offering from reggae icon Vaughn Benjamin, the Akae Beka (Midnite) is something unique in his vast proverbial repertoire of songs and music.

“Heartbeat Of A Dub” finds Akae Beka promoting the potent healing properties and high quality of reggae music, the importance of being among friends in a “social circle of a one” and freeing up the vibes to enjoy a moment of life in a reggae dance.

Produced by Zion I Kings, “Heartbeat Of A Dub” delivers a steady, deep reggae groove charging through a bed of lush Rhodes Piano, Organs, synthesizers and ambient guitars. The release also includes an ambient live dub mix and a minimal dancehall remix from ZIK’s Moon Bain, aka Digital Ancient.

The three versions are all presented with a rootical illustration from One Art of the Covenant – Ato Roberts. The image joyfully displays all the components necessary for a proper Twelve Tribes reggae dance – Music, Herbs, Rasta People and good vibrations.

For almost two decades, Lustre Kings Productions has become synonymous with modern roots reggae music and fostering burgeoning talent. The independent label has carved a name out for itself grounded in positive dancehall and reggae music. ‘Heartbeat Of A Dub” delivers, slightly pushing the envelope of the dub reggae genre, introducing a fresh sound amongst a familiar roots feel, while remaining true to innovative musicianship.