Soom T – Sold Out To The Devil | New Single

by Jun 23, 2020News

Soom T - Sold Out To The Devil

Soom T’s new single entitled “Sold Out To The Devil” is a pure Reggae track as the Scottish MC has the secret. The verses in which she uses her so distinctive ultra-fast flow are counterbalanced by a magnificent chorus sung with graceful melodies. As always with Soom T, the lyrics are meaningful. In “Sold Out To The Devil”, the singer takes us on a spiritual and introspective journey. A quest for truth that questions the excesses of our globalized consumer societies. One can bet that “Sold Out To The Devil” will become over the time a classic in Soom T’s discography!

The beautiful music video has a fantastic animated universe by the talented Gwendal Le Naour and is directed once again by Faya Burn, who signs most of the Soom T music videos. A video in which the singer’s avatar flees the frenzy of the city for for a walk in search of truth through a psychedelic desert.