Bunny Wailer hospitalized in Jamaica

by Jul 27, 2020News

Bunny Wailer

Bunny Wailer has been hospitalized. He was admitted to a Kingston facility last Monday, suffering from complications related to a stroke he suffered in October 2018. “He will be released once he’s stabilized,” stated his manager, Maxine Stowe.

Since the 2018 stroke, the 73-year-old has been to Cuba for treatment and has continued his rehabilitation in Jamaica. The stroke affected the right side of his body. He was last seen on stage in February 2020 when he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Jamaica Reggae Industry Association. “Bunny Wailer has battened down and overcome many sentences in his personal and creative life, and we hope that his unique spiritual, creative, and personal contribution to humanity stands predominant in these choppy waters,” said Stowe.

Born Neville Livingston, Bunny Wailer aka Jah B is the sole survivor of the three most famous members of The Wailers. His catalogue includes classic albums such as “Blackheart Man” and “Rock N Groove”. He has won the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album three times.

Let’s wish him a speedy recovery and let the forces of Jah be with him.

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