Ojah feat. Chazbo & Yuuri Bamboo – Resilience | New Single

by Oct 9, 2020News

Ojah feat. Chazbo & Yuuri Bamboo - Resilience

Alchemy Dubs’ twelfth release on 7″ vinyl is an instrumental piece, featuring a fairly unique collaboration between Ojah, Chazbo & Yuuri Bamboo. While Ojah created the 1990s inspired steppers riddim, Chazbo – UK Dub legend and founder of the legendary Bush Chemists – plays the melodica in the first part of this melodica version, before Japanese melodica player Yuuri Bamboo takes over in the second part. And thus the listener experiences two unique and different yet complementary melodica styles while listening to the A-side of this brand new, limited edition single.

On the flip side there’s a hypnotic and adventurous stripped-down dub version, reminiscent of those early morning dubs at a Shaka session, mixed live in analog by Ojah at his studio. Another noteworthy release from producer Ojah and his Alchemy Dubs label.