Ginjah The Reggae Soul Man

by Mar 28, 2021News

This summer, Ginjah will hit the promotional trail for Ginjah The Reggae Soul Man, his latest album. Considered one of contemporary reggae’s most talented singer/songwriters, he takes another crack at the big time.

Scheduled for release in May, Ginjah The Reggae Soul Man is produced by Natures Way Entertainment, an independent company based in South Florida.


It comes one year after Survival, his previous album.

“Well, I would differently say there’s a big difference. Knowing that I get all the time in the world to sit and really think about the approach of this new album. My mindset is to always do better than any previous projects. In the world of music there is always room for improvement,” said Ginjah.



Natures Way Entertainment is pushing its weight behind the 15-song set. Pressures Of Life, its lead single, was released this month as part of the label’s Tree Of Life EP.

Ginjah, who now lives in California, has been knocking at the door for some time. Known for songs like War Inna Di City and People Need Love, he once toured with Beres Hammond and recorded for the singer’s Harmony House label.

He has been around long enough to know that an artiste can be the most gifted writer, but hit singles are critical to making it in a competitive music business.

“Every artiste would love to have an hit single so that thought comes across my mind when I’m voicing. But my main focus is to make a good song… good music carries no expiration date,” he stated.

He made the link last year with Natures Way Entertainment which has been around since 2010. Owned by Jamaican Garfield Cowan, the label is best known for the Sweet Personality rhythm which produced hit singles in Wayne Wonder’s Let Me Love You Tonight and Jah Cure’s Wake Up.

Ginjah was born Valentine Nakrumah Fraser in Hanover, a rustic coastal parish in western Jamaica. He grew up in Central Village, a gritty enclave just outside of Kingston, Jamaica’s capital.

His first song, Ink Out Of The Pen, was released in 1996. Twenty-five years later, he says his best material is yet to come.

“Well, for me it is more important to stay away from the same melodies. Just like how you have lovers rock, my music is inspirational rock. It’s only 26 letters in the alphabet, so you have think out of the box for your songs not to sound alike,” he reasoned.


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