Samora talks about ‘Jah Inna Mi Life’

by May 7, 2021News

Today, May 7th 2021, songstress Samora has released her third single in 2021 called Jah Inna Mi Life. The visuals for the song will drop on May 14th.

What is the main message of this song?
The main message of Jah Inna Mi Life is basically being thankful for where life has brought you and where life is still going to bring you. Just to quote some sentence out of the recording, you know, “life is the biggest lesson that I’ve learned” and I always feel like I have this guardian angel on my shoulder guiding me towards my mission. So that’s why the title is Jah Inna Mi Life.

Samora (Photo: Prince Agyemang)

Samora (Photo: Prince Agyemang)

What inspired you to write this song?
Well, the inspiration for this song definitely comes from deep within, because I’m really thankful. But the style and the mood of Jah Inna Mi Life were inspired by some songs that I’ve heard and listened to in the last couple of months. So, I wanted to have a really subtle and down-to-earth type of vocals and lyrics in this song. So, yeah, a combination of different influences inspired me to write this song…

Jah Inna Mi Life reminds of your single Free Up that you’ve released a year ago. Is there a link between these two songs?
There is certainly a link between these two songs because Free Up is basically advising you to let go of things that are holding you back and to do what you want to do, so free up your mind and let go of all the burdens that you’ve been giving yourself mentally. And Jah Inna Mi Life is the part where you’re just really going for, you’re doing it and you’re thankful for every step and it is going well, it’s going good and life is supposed to go well and to be good for you, so yeah, be thankful for that, so Jah Inna Mi Life is definitely something like a “to be continued” from Free Up, to say it like this…

The title of this song is Jah Inna Mi Life. So, is this a religious song?
This song is not specifically about a typical – or just one – religion, it is for everyone who believes in something big. I can say Jah in my life, if it’s God for you, then it is God, if it’s Allah for you, then it’s Allah. Whatever it might be, it carries you and gives you the drive, you can replace Jah with this word. So, this song is for everyone who believes in something bigger.

What can we expect from the video? What can you tell us about it?
Well, the video is about my routine during the Corona time, I’m just still busy, so in the video, you’re seeing me performing at Mühle Hunziken in Switzerland – really nice – and also with one of my DJ’s doing virtual shows, having photoshoots, just being busy during the Corona time and trying to entertain my fans digitally and of course trying to maintain a balance in growing my audience, yeah…

Jah Inna Mi Life comes in a different music style than your first two releases this year – Bruises, a Reggae ballad, and When I Say So, a very catchy Afrobeats inspired modern Dancehall track. Where does this versatility come from?
I have always been like this when it comes to versatility. It’s my drive, this is how I make music. I cannot stay stuck to one thing, I mean like everyone doesn’t eat rice every day either, right? You switch up… So same with me and my music. I love different genres, I love different styles and I like to experiment with these different styles and somehow it just fits me, it just suits me. So, my versatility comes from it comes from deep within me, because I sincerely love it, I don’t do it because I’m hearing other people doing it, I’m doing it because it truly comes from myself…


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