Reemah is Ever Blessed

by Jul 29, 2021News

Reemah - EverBless


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Recording artiste Reemah has brought the soul in her newest track, Everbless, which was produced by Dean Pond of Rymshot Productions and the late Drew Keys.

“This track is about knowing that regardless of how life’s circumstances appear, everything is divinely guided. At times we might face very challenging situations but when we trust the Source within, we are able to transcend the struggles,” the singer explained about the song’s meaning.

The easygoing track is expected to be a breakthrough track for the artiste, with a message that should resonate with many. “It is my intent that this track provides some encouragement for all those who feel disempowered,” she expressed.

Based in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, Reemah has been creating music from an early age, carefully crafting her signature sound over the years. “My music is a combination of Reggae and Soul that touches on the exploration of self while navigating through life. Self-love and conscious awareness are two major themes throughout,” the singer stated.

She has released two albums so far, Check Your Words in 2012 and Breaking News in 2018. Her past singles include Don’t Want Nothing produced by Dean Pond of Rymshot Productions, War, Try Love, Crowns Upon Your Head, produced by Catalyst Mitchell of Feeline Records, and Give Thanks Everyday produced by Dwayne Morris.

With the release of Everbless, the singer has more music in store, with a brand new album currently in the works. She will also be hitting the stage, looking forward to a few live shows very soon.

Writer: Susan Smith