Big Feet Records and Chezidek make the ‘Perfect Connection’

by Aug 25, 2021News


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Over the course of this past year and a half, things have been extremely insane but one core thought that has been dear to reggae artiste Chezidek, is to express more love, unity and community, a powerful message that reverberates in his latest track Perfect Connection, pProduced by Big Feet Records.

“At the heart of this song is love. It is about people connecting meaningfully, it is an ardent and intense plea for people to focus on the things that really matter for the sake of humanity,” expressed Josh Harris of Big Feet Records, writer and composer of the song.

Speaking on the connection with the artiste, Josh Harris had this to say, “Through a very good friend of mine I was able to connect with Chezidek, I have always wanted to work with him because he is so good at what he does. His voice is exceptional and he has a track record that speaks volume. We spent the time to get the song to this level, something that will reflect with us and the people. It is a landmark for us to accomplish this.”

Chezidek’s long-standing career has seen the release of a plethora of hits over the years, including All My Life, Jah Is All We Need, and Leave De Trees. Additionally, he has released a number of albums such as Inna Di Road, Harvest Time, Judgment Time, Timeless, and more recently, his number one album Hello Africa.

“Reggae music has time and time again healed the world and I think a song like this will go a long way especially because of its timeless message,” expressed Josh Harris.

Writer: Susan Smith


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