Sly & Robbie Presents Sound Of Sound | Reissue

by Nov 18, 2021News

Sly & Robbie Presents Sound Of Sound

In 1991, the LP Sly & Robbie Presents Sound Of Sound was released by New York-based Pow Wow Records, run by club DJ and record producer Mark Kamins. Side A of the vinyl platter solely contains instrumentals by, of course, the famous duo and furthermore trumpeter David Madden, sax player Dean Fraser, and trombonist Nambo Robinson. The other side features seven vocal cuts by artists such as Michael Rose, Mad Cobra, Commander Shad, Al Brown, Kotch, Willie Cole, and Junior Moore. Thirty years after its original release, the LP has now been reissued in digital format.

1. Sly & Robbie – Bagdad Cafe
2. Sly & Robbie – Thief Of Bagdad
3. David Madden – Shank Eye
4. Sly & Robbie – Holy Shank Eye
5. Nambo Robinson – Freedom Blues
6. Dean Fraser – Pizza 103
7. Sly & Robbie – 5th Avenue Groove
8. Michael Rose – Bad Boys
9. Mad Cobra – Be Patient
10. Commander Shad – Come Back Fresh
11. Al Brown – Stones
12. Kotch – Triangle Of Love
13. Willie Cole – Mona Lisa
14. Junior Moore – Honey


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