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Dwight Duncan, better known as Bushman, scored his first big hit in Jamaica with the single Call The Hearse, and was followed by Rude Boy Life and his 1997 debut album, Nyah Man Chant. Nyah Man Chant was described in The Rough Guide to Reggae as “as good an example of modern cultural singing as you could hope to find.” His latest release is the brand new single Stand Up across a relicked version of The Royals’ Pick Up The Pieces riddim, released by Irie Sounds International. Here’s what Bushman has to say about this new single and a few other things.


When did you get started in music?
I started recording in the early nineties, got the break in ’95 when I met Steely and Clevie with a single named Call The Hearse. I started performing at community events and school concerts until we go international and global.

Tell us a bit about your new single, ‘Stand Up’.
My new release is called Stand Up, it speaks of the current challenges that we face during this pandemic and it’s telling you not to just accept but to adjust to survive.

Can you describe your musical style, and how it is unique?
My musical style is more like singing with a bit of DJ… it all depends on the musical content but what makes my style unique is the way how I create my metaphors and similes so you could listen and you get my message fluently without wondering or thinking what I’m talking about… I think that’s so unique about my style.

What can we expect in the future from Bushman?
Just more music and more social commentary, I always have new things to write about, things to comment on… I mean I’m a product of the people, for the people, you know… do look for some new releases on the Burning Bushes Music label… leave it with my new artists that I’m working with, that’s what’s new and I urge you to go to my YouTube page and subscribe.

Anything else you’d like to tell the people?
I would like to say thanks to those that support reggae music … be true to yourself, love yourself ,you know, be aware of yourself, be conscious of yourself, you know, have great self-esteem and great self-confidence and with confidence you win before you start but without self-confidence you’re twice defeated in the stress of life, that’s a quotation from Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the Messiah.


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