Boss Champs presents the TropHop sound

by Jan 30, 2022News

Arriving in Hollywood just over 15 years ago, Nico East had high hopes to make it as an actor. After appearing in several independent movies and commercials, he moved into music as Boss Champs.

Recently, he released International Commodity, an EP of six songs driven by a new sound he calls TropHop. It is a blend of genres he grew up on in his native Jamaica and the United States, where he migrated to over 20 years ago.


“It’s a collection of international sounds. People have referenced it as dancehall, reggaeton, Afrobeats, R&B, and Hip Hop. My team, most notably Q Bwoy of, has referred to it as TropHop, a fusion of popular tropical sounds and hip hop,” Boss Champs explained.

Boss Champs

Boss Champs

He has considerable firepower in his camp to get this innovative genre across to a demographic always hungry for fresh, hip beats. Mike Lynn, who made his reputation as head of hip hop mogul Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records, is executive producer for International Commodity.

It contains songs like So Dangerous, Won’t Go Home, and Need Your Love which were previously released and earned Boss Champs a following in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico. Latin America, which has produced hybrid genres like Reggaeton, is an area he and his team are eyeing to get the ball rolling.

“I am absolutely looking at those markets and really any market that vibes with it. I’m not restricting myself and music to any genres in particular. So, whatever the people like and whatever the people hear, I’ll be there,” said Boss Champs, who launched his recording career 10 years ago.

He was raised in Independence City, a middle-class area in Portmore, a municipality on the outskirts of Kingston Jamaica’s capital. Migrating to the United States, Boss Champs lived in Washington DC before moving to Southern California.

He took acting classes in both locations which eventually landed him roles in the movies Portrait Of A Woman, Sealing Your Fate, and Aleta: Vampire Mistress. He has also done commercials for Doritos, Pepsi Max, and Excedrin.