Intence sets the tone for 2022

by Jan 12, 2022News

Intence sets the tone for 2022

Breaking Dancehall artist Intence kicks off 2022 with an introspective new single and video launched on New Year’s Day. In New Gear, Intence speaks out of yearning, frustration, and the personal striving that has put him at the top of the deejay list in Jamaica.

The music video plays on the song’s thoughtful nature, juxtaposing images of the deejay and his crew with the individual, alone in his room. Performed as prayerful prose to the good life.

Riding high from a stellar 2021, Intence’s success has been bolstered by the global sensation of his songs Yahoo Boyz, Go Hard, and Yeng. Proudly repping Jamaican Dancehall to the world, Yeng Boss’s performance of raw and gritty music has connected with Dancehall enthusiasts primarily via YouTube and growing on all streaming platforms. Intence is the most streamed artist from Jamaica on YouTube. His channel has received 157.3 Million views and has a following of 510K. On Spotify, Yahoo Boyz has been added to 478 playlists; on Pandora, his music has been streamed 1.3 million times.

New Gear comes full circle as it is produced by Intence’s father, Stephen ‘Father Axe’ Gabbidon under his label Nuh Breakes Records.


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