Terra Volta – Liar Man | New Release

by Jan 30, 2022News

Terra Volta - Liar Man

The Dutch ska-reggae band Terra Volta has started the new year with the release of the new reggae single Liar Man. A hot subject that refers to the current rise of alternative facts, bad men, fake news and lying politicians. The song stirs up a lot of emotions and will touch the hearts of many people.

Liar Man is about lying men. It refers to the current rise of alternative facts, fake news and lying politicians. Where does this originate? Research shows that people who lie just a little bit, will do this more and more easily with repetition. The part of the brain that creates the negative feeling when telling a lie adapts quickly. So the feeling of guilt disappears more and more. This allows you to tell increasingly larger and destructive lies. People do not always realize that they are lying. If you lie often enough, you’ll end up fooling yourself too. All this plays an extra role with men because they lie three times as often as women. The men of Terra Volta are a remarkable and beautiful exception: “We always tell the truth, even when we lie”.


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