Yabby You & The Prophets – The Yabby You Sound: Dubs & Versions | Upcoming Release

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Yabby You & The Prophets - The Yabby You Sound: Dubs & Versions

UK-based reissue label Pressure Sounds will be releasing yet another Yabby You album in April 2022. Titled Yabby You & The Prophets – The Yabby You Sound: Dubs & Versions, the CD and Double LP present a sample of some of the best ‘Dubs and Versions’ including rarities, B-sides or tracks culled from albums that showcase the breadth of Yabby You’s productions between 1975 and 1982.

It’s actually the drawing on the album’s front sleeve that tells the story of this release. In the early 1970s the island of Jamaica, and in particular its reggae musicians, developed a love affair with small Japanese motor bikes. Honda bikes were eulogised in Big Youth’s S90 Skank and Dillinger’s CB200, whilst their rival was lauded on Shorty The President’s Yamaha Skank, to name the most obvious examples. Vivian ‘Yabby You’ Jackson had been fiercely independent as a singer and producer, and the success of his early self-pressed productions, mostly on the Prophets or Vivian Jackson labels, had given him a sense of hard earned autonomy. A motorbike was one of the fruits of his labours, acquired as a way of zipping around the capital’s roads to deliver records and organise recording sessions.

His wife Jean could often be see hanging on to the back. Twelve years after his death, she remembers various exploits on the pot-holed roads of Kingston. Jean Vencella Williams: ‘His first motorbike was a Honda 50 and then a 100, a Yamaha. He had a little carrier thing for boxes of records, so we go to Mandeville in Manchester, sometimes to Spanish Town fe sell records. Most of the time he sell them to the shops, like Randys, and the people them buy it from there.

1 Tribal War Dub
2 Creation Rock Version
3 United Africa Dub
4 Lord Of Lords Dub
5 Dub U So Side
6 Black Is Our Colour Dub
7 Vengeance In Dub
8 Heads A Roll Dub
9 Repatriation Rock
10 Death To All Racist
11 Aggression Dub
12 Warrior No Tarry Yah Version
13 Now I Know Dub
14 Mash Down Rome Dub
15 Babylon A Fall Dub Side
16 Man Of The Living Dub
17 Time Changing Dub
18 Turn Me Loose Dub
19 Chanting Version
20 Yabby U Sound
21 Tommy McCook – Plague of Horn (CD only)
22 King Tubby – King Pharaoh Dub (CD only)


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