Galaxy P celebrates 30th Anniversary in fine Dancehall Sound & Style

by Feb 25, 2022News

As the legendary Galaxy P, aka Amunra, celebrates his 30th Anniversary in music this year, he reaffirms his grasp on Dancehall with the fiery new song Gone In Deh on the Giggy Riddim from producer Cassette Jones (Riddim by Clevie of Steelie & Clevie). Gone In Deh is buzzin amongst fans and has garnered incredible support from DJs and music lovers internationally.


Truly an example of hardcore lyrical skills, Gone In Deh is the raw, unadulterated iteration of the growly voiced deejay we grew to love when he burst on the scene in the early ’90s. With influencers, selectors, sound systems, DJs, and producers hailing Galaxy P each time Gone In Deh drops, declaring “Gala yuh find it” amidst multiple pull-ups — it’s clear that Galaxy P has a hit on his hands. And the timing couldn’t be more perfect. As they say in this business and life in general — timing is everything.

Galaxy P joins an all-star line-up for the nostalgic Giggy Riddim including the likes of Wayne Wonder, Spragga Benz, Badda General & Tall Up, Delly Ranx, and many more! Easily the hottest juggling on the road, Galaxy P is leaving an indelible mark on music with Gone In Deh.

Galaxy P (Photo courtesy of Galaxy P)

Galaxy P (Photo courtesy of Galaxy P)

As if Galaxy P, born Peter Jackson, couldn’t get hotter this milestone anniversary year, the uber-talented entertainer offers fans an unmatched, real authentic Dancehall sound on his third studio album The Boy from Macca 3, released in April 2021. Through 13 tracks, Galaxy P takes listeners on a well-orchestrated Dancehall journey, solidifying his position amongst legends. The project, named after the small community he grew up in St. Catherine, Jamaica, captures Galaxy P’s classic sound with a modern-day flow.

“My goal as an artist is to make timeless music that can play any day, anywhere for any listener,” says Galaxy P. “‘The Boy from Macca 3’ features music that makes people dance, vibe and/or repeat verbatim… anyhow it reach dem is a win for me,” the legendary act adds.

Nearly every track on The Boy from Macca 3 is strong enough to be released as a single. Stand-out songs include Gi Mi Trubble, Dea So, Boring Gyal, Hustla, and Party Hard among others. Much to his credit, fellow artist Badda General produced much of the songs featured on the album. In addition, Galaxy P’s Old Skalawa on the Blacker Shade Riddim was produced by Badda General and Steppa Shawn of Triful Toones.

Galaxy P is one of the Dancehall genre’s defining voices! The witty and lyrically intense deejay has given the world a slew of anthems like Tickle Her Fancy, Miss Goodie Goodie alongside Colin Roach, and many more — boldly shaping the sound of ’90s Dancehall. One can’t go around the deejay’s distinctive voice and contributions to the music and culture.

In 1992, The ‘Miss Goodie Goodie’ deejay made history at Sting (one of the longest crowd roars and pull-ups ever) and on the charts. Colin Roach’s sweet vocals contrasted nicely with Galaxy P’s rough deejay flow. The song was an international sensation. As a matter of fact, the song was so big that Johnny Wonder pressed a 12-inch with Miss Goodie Goodie on one side and Coppershot on the flip side to essentially “buss” the famed Bounty Killer’s career in the US market.

Music has been a refuge for Galaxy P all of his life. The artist is overjoyed that he can still entertain the masses, doing what he loves, for 30 years. “Here’s to 30 more,” says Galaxy P proudly.

Writer: Flair Lindsey (Acclaim PR)


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