Sevana’s New Season

by Mar 26, 2022News

Sevana's New Season (Photo courtesy of Corey Hamilton)

by Kimi Small | Photo courtesy of Corey Hamilton

Sevana is leading this new season of her life with autonomy–taking complete control of her art, expression and the trajectory of her career. In a measured but emotional conversation on the always stirring prime-time talk show Sim Soul Sessions, the singer unveiled the feelings that were buried in an extended silence catalysed by a tragedy, still fresh and in process through the courts.

She also spoke on her recent split from the Protoje-led In.Digg.Nation record label. “He said, I understand, and that if I ever need it, I have their support,” Sevana shared of her former label executive.

As Sevana struggled through a depressive fog last year, there eventually came a motivation to conquer whatever comes next by taking life one day at a time, to consistently place one foot in front of the other. “I hope this is a season of goodness and peace. That’s what I’m working towards,” she said on the show.

For now, she will continue to navigate last summer’s fallout by utilising the best tools at her disposal, music and lyrics. The first step was the release of Brand New by COLORSxSTUDIOS last month. Up next, there are more ‘brand new’ tunes on the way.

Sevana - Be Somebody EP

“I have them lined up, ready to drop. I’m ready to introduce a new, liberated Sevana who is going for it with everything, with nothing to lose,” the singer. Guided solely by herself and faith, the ‘new’ Sevana is taking all matters into her own hands. “I want to speak on my own behalf, negotiate my own terms and conditions, decide how licensing will work–all of that. I’ve learned, this is the best way to do it. That’s just how it works.”

About Sevana

From Savanna-La-Mar, Westmoreland, Jamaica, Anna-Sharé Blake, more popularly known as Sevana is Jamaica’s very own siren, and much more. Though a naturally talented vocalist and skillful songwriter, Sevana wears many other creative hats as an actor, film director and model.

Her music career had a start as early as 16 years old, as a competitor on a popular Jamaican singing competition series called Rising Stars. Following a hiatus from the stage and stint in the corporate world, Sevana would release Bit Too Shy – a soulful R&B/reggae song that turned the ears of those soon to become diehard fans.

In 2016, Sevana released her debut self-titled EP which featured Bit Too Shy, along with fan favourites Carry You and Chant It.

In the first demonstration of her activist inclinations, Sevana released the climate-conscious single called Justice (2018), followed by the earnest single, Sometime Love. In 2019, Sevana expanded her performance ‘inna dancehall style’ with the release of Nobody Man. In 2020, Sevana released her second EP titled Be Somebody, featuring the internationally successful single, Mango and If Only You Knew.

In the midst of the music, Sevana was also developing her career both in front of and behind the camera. In 2017, Sevana starred as the lead in the millennial comedy web series called ‘Losing Patience’. Recently, she co-directed the ‘Ride Out To Vote’ campaign videos, featuring African American cowboys and cowgirls during the 2020 U.S. presidential election campaign. Keeping conscious, Sevana also co-directed ‘They Still Want To Kill Us’, a film about the Tulsa Massacre last year.


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