De Strangers – Fire Alarm

by Apr 17, 2022News

De Strangers – Fire Alarm


After Wake Up dropped last March, Fire Alarm is the second release in a month for De Strangers, the young band out of east Milan, Italy,  that keeps mixing roots reggae culture with a fresh attitude. Fire Alarm points to the sound research that has kept the band busy in the past months.

“We wanted to put roots to dub sounds in this tune, using more effects and delays. There had to be a powerful drum&bass, too, worthy of the best nights of reggae music. Fire Alarm really is an alarm, a warning. Fire has always belonged in the reggae imagery, and it is natural for us to engage in it. We did it to tell of an urgency that we all know about. Unless some radical changes happen, fire really will catch our society and our planet sooner or later.”

Fire Alarm is not sung, but spoken, which contributes to the “warning effect”. Short, strong sentences spoken in a deep musical environment form a speech that resembles Prince Far-I’s works and makes listening to Fire Alarm an experience of reflection, too. Just over twenty-years-old, De Strangers clearly understand what reggae culture is about: music and message. Fire Alarm is the second single taken from the band’s forthcoming Stop The Algorithm EP for Tuff Wash Records. Fire Alarm was recorded and mixed at La Sabbia studio in Milan and mastered by Giovanni Versari.


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