The Return Of Franco Nero EP

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The Return Of Franco Nero


For Record Store Day 2022 (April 23rd), 17 North Parade (VP Music Group) dug into the roots of reggae and soundsystem culture.

The Return Of Franco Nero (7-inch EP) is a deep crate celebration of two of the first Jamaican soundsystem MCs to appear on vinyl. Sir Lord Comic and Count Matchuki exemplify the toasting emcee style of the 1960s. Here, they are found on Joe Gibbs productions recorded in 1969/70. The tracks reveal the more restrained style of the early MCs, which provided space for the featured instrumentalists to shine. Tracks include Sir Lord Comic’s Franco Nero and The Destroyers’ Franco Nero Version backed with Sir Lord Comic’s Jack Of My Trade and Count Matchuki’s Movements, which are taken from the 2009 DBL CD Joe Gibbs Scorchers From The Early Years 1967-1973 (17 North Parade).

This special release also highlights early reggae’s thematic affinity for the ‘Spaghetti Western’ genre (Italian-made cowboy films of the 1960s). The title name-checks the popular actor Franco Nero, known as the lead in Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 film ‘Django’ – the film Jimmy Cliff’s character Ivan attends in a scene from 1972 film ‘The Harder They Come’.

This release features the cover art of acclaimed illustrator Tony McDermott, whose work has adorned Greensleeves Records releases since 1980.

Jack Of My Trade/ Franco Nero



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