Amlak RedSquare hails Marcus Garvey

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Amlak Redsquare hails Marcus Garvey
Rastafarian singjay Amlak RedSquare is in a celebratory mood as blacks all over the world acknowledge the great contribution national hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey has made.

Garvey would have been 135 years-old today. Born August 17, 1887 he died June 10th, 1940.
Amlak RedSquare, who claims he has the greatest respect for Garvey’s teachings, believes these should be taught in schools.

“There are great writers in the Caribbean, talented enough to write books for different stages in schools, starting at the kindergarten level. We need to capitalize on any resource which can empower people to great heights.”

Amlak was quick to add that Bob Marley, inspired by the teachings of Marcus Garvey, used one of his quotes in “Redemption Song” featured on the “Uprising,” album.

According to Amlak, Garvey challenges blacks to, “emancipate yourself from mental slavery for none cannot free ourselves,”

Garvey, sensetive to the issue of racial discrimination and inequality, asserts blacks to, see their black skin not as a colour of shame, but rather a glorious symbol of national greatnness.

Amlak Redsquae -Music and Marriage
|| Photo: Amlak RedSquare and wife Nickeeta Gordon ||

“I also see Garvey as an entrepreneur being the owner of the Black Star Line ships which docked at several countries including Panama and Cuba. He also opened shops and restaurants to provide employment.”

Garvey started the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in Jamaica; it grew as an international force, while advancing a Pan African pholosophy which inspired a global mass movement known as Garveyism.
As a journalist, he owned a Negro World newspaper to educate blacks of their rights and other issues. In addition, he held protests against race discrimination.

Garvey was conferred with national hero status in 1967. His bust is erected at National Heroes Park; a school( Marcus Garvey High) is named after him, while his image appears on Jamaica’s 20 dollar coin.

Amlak RedSquare, born Omar Gordon, grew up in McIntyre Villa, Kingston 16, and attended Excelsion high school.

He, along with his wife Nickeeta, hosts a podcast show which looks at Music and Marriage.

“We seek to discuss problems which affect relationships and find solutions through commiunication”.

Amlak lists Spragga Benz as one if his role models adding that they have done s collaboration titled “Round Here”.

He has recorded over 50 songs and is credited with 2 EP’s – “Humble Warrior” and “Ganja Free”; the title of his album being “Book of Judges.”

(Photos courtesy of Nickeeta Gordon)


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