Delly Ranx’s “Silent Giant” Rocket Set to Take Off

by Aug 21, 2022News

Delly Ranx (Photo by DJ Smurf)

Grammy-winning producer, Delly Ranx, is about to launch a musical rocket which he hopes will orbit the world and returns with a Grammy award.

If this should happen, it would not be the first time the Jamaican-born would have made Jamaicans proud.

Delly Ranx had surprised his detractors, copping a Grammy award for producing “Ganja Breed” which was featured on Sean Paul’s Grammy-winning “Dutty Rock” album.

According to Delly Ranx, “This “Silent Giant” album shows another side of Delly Ranx. The side which many people have been waiting for many, many years. The album is real and fit for airplay.”

All the songs, which have their respective riddim, is distributed by J. Wonder 21st.

The 11-track album is solely Delly Ranx’s music set to release on September 2, 2022. They are as follows:

Mama Love
Special Lady
Settle Down
Battle Field
Sound Clash Start
High Grade
I’m Leaving
Legalize the Herb
Good Looking Girl
Modern Flex
Di Chant

Delly Ranx - Silent Giant

The deejay lists his favourite tracks as, “Mama Love,” “Special Lady” and “Modern Flex”.

According to Delly Ranx, “I had to do a song, especially for my mom because mothers are a blessing to mother nature. They are the ones who help to create some of the most outstanding personalities, and we must never forget that they nurture us some 9 months before we were born.”

“Some people are asking, Delly, how long were you thinking of this album? But, to tell you the truth, I was never thinking about it, it’s just the right time. As for the album’s name, one of my friends ‘Sotto Bless’ keep calling me the “Silent Giant”, claiming that I am always doing some great works, but was never boasting. I do agree with him cause I prefer to be the hard worker who everyone does not easily recognised.”

As for the album’s recording, Delly Ranx explains that “I discussed the project with Stingray, co-producer of the album. We decided that it should be done in England. I first went there (England) in 2006 when I was on tour with Freddie McGregor and visited the studio which has the reputation of hosting virtually every reggae artistes who set foot in England.”

The album can be purchased in two formats. One is online through any of the digital platforms, including Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music; the other by purchasing a USB flash-drive. For a physical copy, order go online (link:

Come September 2022, Delly Ranx will be heading to the UK to promote “Silent Giant”, then to the US to do some gigs.

Delly Ranks, born Delroy Foster grew up in Kingston and Manchester. He attended Excelsior High School and had his eyes set on being a pilot. However, the dancehall fever got the better of him.

Delly Ranx entered and won a deejay contest at age 9. But, it was in the early ’90s when the music arena was opening to a flurry of artistes, such a Spragga Benz, Round Head, and Lukie D, that Delly Rank began to find his true talent.

“I voiced my first song, “Never Done” (1991) on the Wild Geese label.” Other songs are “Gall No More Than You,” “Sound Boy General,” “Pelpa,” “Wagga Wagga Fat,” “Headache,” and “Pon Di Corner.”

His albums include “Break Free”, “Good Profile”, “The Next Chapter,” and “Sweet Reggae”.

(Photo courtesy of DJ Smurf)


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