Chuck Fenda pulls 100,000 fans to Boston Freedom Rally

by Sep 25, 2022News

Chuck Fenda at Boston Freedom Rally

Jamaican deejay Chuck Fenda, known for his explosive lyrics, promised fans he would be “Coming Over.” He then “Gash Dem “with Eternal Fire.” Then, even after his 45-minute set the capacity crowd of 100,000 was begging for more.

The event last Saturday, September 17, dubbed Boston Freedom Rally, had organisers dumb-struck following the scintillating performance of headliner Chuck Fenda.

In an interview with Reggae Vibes, Julien Gaskin, Director Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition was elated about the entire event. She began with showering praises on Chuck Fenda.

“We want to big up Chuck Fenda for headlining the show, and putting on an amazing performance.”

The organisers were familiar with Chuck Fenda’s music and message; “We wanted to have an headliner that connected to the audience and theme, Flower to The People. We have never in 33 years had so many people. In 2021, it was some 30,000 and we believe it is our decision to have a reggae artiste which attracted so many patrons.”

Responding, Chuck Fenda says, “I actually came through a side gate, so it was not until I was on stage that I saw the impact of the crowd. People love Chuck Fenda’s music and will continue to come out wherever I am performing.”

Eternal Fire

The artiste 45-minute set covered some of his major hits, including “Gash Dem,” “I Swear,” “Eternal Fire,” ” Coming Over,” and “Can’t Cool.”

Other artistes on the show were Alxne, Lik Merkari and Livalect The Healer.

Born Leshon Whitehead, Chuck Fenda began a thriving music career releasing “Jah It’s All About You,” produced by King Jammys in 1997. This gave him a lot of traction in the Caribbean and Canada.

In 2000 he joined the Fifth Element Records family and became famous for songs like “Life Ruff Out Deh,” “I Swear,” and “Can’t Stop Try.”

He recorded for a number of producers. They include Fire Wayne (“Eternal Fire”, “John Crow”); DJ Diamond (“One Burner”); Gramazone (“Walk By Faith”); and John John (“Jah Element”).

Some of the big stage on which he has performed are: Reggae Sumfest, Sting, Reggae Jam (Germany), Reggae Geel (Belgium).

His latest project is all about his new album “Eternal Fire” with some 15 tracks.

(All photos and video clip contributed by Chuck Fenda and organisers of the Boston Freedom Festival)

Section of large crowd at Boston Freedom Rally

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